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by C S F BUDDE-Petch

Links can be viewed under each category below

There is a wealth of information on the internet to guide and inform the photographer.

The following links, in categories to help you find what you are looking for, I have used or found helpful in my photography work.  Please note that these are all Uk based firms, apart from B&H.

Equipment Reviews

Lens Reviews -

Good in depth technical reviews - DP Review

Canon Lens Review - The Digital Picture

Camera Reviews -

Good in depth technical reviews - DP Review

Canon Camera & Equipment reviews -

Macro Photography

Getting up close lessons - Digital Photography School

Timelapse Photography

How to Make a Tiemlapse - Hongkiat

General & Technical Tutorials

Learn the basics - MorgueFile

Excellent technical tutorials - Cambridge in Colour

Good quality blog and tutorials - Digital Photography School

Fine Art workshops and tutorials - Photoworkshop

Diffraction and Image Sharpness

Image Sharpness vs Aperture - George Douvos

Finding the Aperture for Sharpest Image - George Douvos

Renting & Buying

Professional Equipment - Speedgraphic

Good Photography Store and helpful, knowledgeable staff - Wex UK

Mainly wildlife photography equipment and accessories - Stealth Gear

More wildlife photography needs - Wildlife Watching Supplies

Vast US store in New York - B&H Photo Store

Second Hand Camera Equipment -

MPB Photographic

UK Second Hand Canon Equipment - Links

Lens Rental -


Lens Pimp

Calumet Photographic

Camera Rental -

Hire a Camera

Calumet Photographic