I have been a keen photographer since childhood.  My first attempts were shaky, fuzzy, black-and-white images, developed and printed in a school dark room.  I used to work with slide and print formats, but these days I prefer digital photography, favouring travel, sport, wildlife and bird photography.  

My photographs have appeared in magazines and exhibitions, including an exhibition at the Kenya National Museum in 2009 and a first solo exhibition (entitled - same but different) at the RaMoMA gallery, Nairobi Kenya.  My photographs were used in charity calendars in Zimbabwe, and in 2013, I was the official photographer for Zimbabwe at the Biennale International Art Exhibition in Venice, Italy.  Towards the end of my Africa stay, I worked with Mike Schmolke on his book on Beekeeping in Zimbabwe, and with Paul Hubbard on a book on Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second city.
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